Our Services

We are the go-to partner for fashion houses,
brands, and emerging designers in the
creation of premium sportswear
through a service sourcing model.
Our process combines interconnected
and complementary services. 

We provide tailor-made solutions,
serving as a single point of reference,
overseeing the garment development from
conception to the delivery of
the finished product.

Research and development

We provide stylistic consulting to both established brands and emerging designers. Starting from the concept of the garment or the proposed fashion line from the client, we conduct research to determine the most suitable materials and treatments based on the desired aesthetic aspects.
We assess the best solutions to ensure timelines and budget constraints are met.


The creation of models is crucial in clothing production.
With specialized expertise in the sportswear fashion sector and the use of the LECTRA system platform, we transform creative ideas into meticulously crafted models, paying attention to every detail.


We work with a wide range of fabrics and can create a variety of products such as hoodies, T-shirts, denim, and jackets.
We stand out for attention to detail and quality at every stage of production.

We conduct regular checks on samples and production to ensure they meet the standards of each client.
We can manage both fully Made in Italy production and production outside Italy, depending on the required objectives.


Over the years, we have strengthened relationships with
top suppliers and consistently engage in the research of new materials, accessories, and
treatments on behalf of our clients, providing a wide selection to meet all needs.

If required, we can also provide a pure cut-and-sew service.


Delivery management is essential for a
comprehensive and high-quality service.

We regularly collaborate with key market players, chosen for their expertise and specialization in apparel shipment.