Technologies for
a better future

The technologies behind
our garnments guarantee
a lower planet impact

Our Collections Are Thought and Made in Respect of the Environement: This Is Why We Select and Use with Care Certified and Eco-Friendly Materials

Our commitment has guided us since the birth
of the brand and continues to govern our choices
day after day.In the last four collections,
we have produced over 50% of garments with certified fabrics –
sourced from controlled supply chains or recycled fibers. In addition to
raw materials, we are constantly seeking innovative technologies
for treatments on finished garments to reduce
the impact on people and the environment.

Some yarns and fabrics
that we choose

Responsible (Eco) Dyeing

The dyes used in the dyeing process are carefully
selected to reduce environmental impact and
minimize the use of hazardous substances inpursuit
of processes that are increasingly respectful of
human health and the environment.
The dyeing facility is committed to the
ZDHC Roadmap to Zero program.

Eco-friendly Wash

This garment has been washed while recovering
30% of the water, thus reducing its environmental
impact. The laundry facility responsible for
our washes is actively engaged in the ZDHC
Roadmap to Zero program.


We use the Sanitized treatment in all technical
garments to ensure a high level of antibacterial
hygiene and antimicrobial safety.